How white should I expect my teeth to go and how many treatments will I need?
As we are all unique, the number of sessions required varies. This all depends on your oral hygiene habits, lifestyle and the way you maintain your teeth after treatments. After trialing our product on hundreds of people most people see a difference of 2-4 shades per treatment. 
How many treatments will I need?
Most people require 2-3 treatments.
What is unique about Perla’s formula?
We have created an exclusive peroxide-free formula to provide you with the safest way to whitening your teeth. Our exclusive sodium bicarbonate based formula works in conjunction with blue LED light technology to provide you with a pain-free whitening experience.
How safe is the treatment?
Our whitening formula maintains a high pH level, which means it is not acidic. The pH level ensures no damage to the enamel is encountered during the whitening process.
What if I have veneers, crowns or fillings?
Our teeth whitening formula will help to restore your veneers, crowns, and fillings to the original colour by removing surface stains.  
How long does the treatment take? 
The Pérla experience will take 30-45 minutes from when you walk in the door and until you leave. 
How long will my results last? 
Depending on lifestyle choices and how you look after our teeth will dictate the length of time your treatment will last but don’t worry we have a full range of maintenance and aftercare products to keep them healthy and looking white! 
Is there any pain or discomfort during the treatment? 
We promise you will not feel any pain! 
Is the treatment safe while pregnant or breastfeeding?
Due to our peroxide-free formula, there are no negative side effects. Although for precautionary reasons it is recommended that you contact your GP. Feel free to contact us for a list of ingredients to give to your GP.