8 Foods and Drinks to Avoid for a Whiter Smile

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The daily barrage of acidic foods and drinks can leave your teeth stained and discoloured. If you're looking to maintain your white, Pérla smile it's important to know which ones you should avoid.
But before you spend the next 2 weeks trying to give up your morning coffee (which, if you're anything like me, is highly unlikely and not ideal for anyone you meet before midday), there's some other foods and drinks that can also have an impact.
Here are the 8 most common foods and drinks to stay away from: 

1. Coffee, Tea, and Red Wine

    Tea, coffee, and red wine have tannins or tannic acid, which is a vegetable dye that sticks to the teeth. Black tea is known to have higher tannin content than green tea. If you cannot completely avoid your daily cup of coffee or tea, drink water or brush your teeth after drinking these beverages to help get rid of tannin left in your mouth and reduce daily staining.
     Red Wine - Avoid it for a whiter smile

    2. Curry and tomato sauces

      The dark tint of curry and tomato sauces can stain teeth. Reserve these sauces only for special occasions to avoid teeth discolouration.

      3. Berries

        Berries are an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants, but the dark colour of berries may stain the teeth. Rinse with water after eating berries to prevent staining.
        Berries can stain your teeth

        4. Soft Drinks

          Soft drinks contain phosphoric and citric acid, which can damage your teeth. The best drink for your teeth is still water, but if you’re craving for the fizz, you can opt for sparkling water.

          5. Fruit juice

            Like soda, fruit juices are high in sugar and are also acidic—a combination that’s guaranteed to hurt your teeth over time. It is better to eat whole fruits than consuming the juice form. If you will be drinking smoothies, use a straw to minimize exposing your teeth to sugar and acid from the juice. Always follow up with a glass of water.

            6. Citrus fruits

              Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges may not have the dark pigment of berries, but they also damage the enamel because of their high acid content. Weakened enamel makes your teeth more prone to stains.
              Citrus foods can stain teeth

              7. Balsamic Vinegar

                The dark pigment and acidity of balsamic vinegar predisposes your teeth to staining. Choose non-acidic salad dressings such as olive oil or Greek yoghurt.

                8. Sugar and refined carbs

                Sweets and refined carbs like white bread or rice may eventually make you susceptible to staining and cavities because digesting sugar from these foods produces acid, which again weakens tooth enamel. So always minimize sugar consumption.


                  So how do you protect your teeth?

                  You can protect your teeth from discolouration by minimizing the consumption of these foods and drinks. 
                  Of course, you might not be keen on giving up everything on this list just yet...
                  Our Teeth Whitening Kit will help you get a whiter smile without sacrificing your morning coffee.

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